Seismic imaging of the Banda Arc

Through collaborations with Meghan S. Miller and others at USC I’ve used ambient seismic noise tomography to image the structure of the Banda Arc. A paper describing our results is published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters here (doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2016.06.011).

The model itself in ascii format can be downloaded here: BandaArc.3D.ANT.model.  This file has headers for each column, longitude, latitude, depth, and shear velocity then the values. To make the figures as shown in the paper and above, use a code to read the data and remove a mean value from each depth. If there’s other data from the paper you’d like to use, please email me (rwporritt at and I’ll be happy to share if I can. 

If you’re interested in the fieldwork aspects, please see our experiment blog at